During your stay

As you settle into your room, you and your family or friends may have questions about what to expect during your stay at Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital.  We have prepared this section to provide you with some answers to frequent questions.

Patients & Visitors


Preparing for your hospital visit

  • Information needed for your medical aid
  • What to get from your medical aid
  • What to bring

During your stay

  • Your hospital room
  • Identification
  • Valuables
  • Meals
  • Television

Discharge and feedback

Your hospital account

Your hospital room

Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital makes every effort to provide the type of room best suited to your condition, or as requested by your physician or surgeon.  Your nursing staff will make you as comfortable as possible and you will have the opportunity to ask questions during your nursing interview.

Most of our rooms include the following:

  • Electronically operated beds
  • Bedside table and lockable cabinets for your personal belongings
  • Television


You will be assigned with a hospital-patient visit number at admission. You will also receive an identification bracelet that must be worn during your entire stay at the hospital.


We strongly recommend that you leave all your valuables at home.  Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital does not take any responsibility for the loss of valuables.  

You will only need essentials such as toiletries and sleepwear in your room.  On transfer to High Care or ICU, you will only be allowed to take your toiletries with you.


Our in-house Food Services Department will take care of all of your dietary needs during your stay. You will receive 3 meals daily. Each morning, you will receive a menu from which to select your meals for the next day.  Should you not be available when the order is taken, you will receive the Chef’s Choice for the day.

If you would like to request a special meal eg. kosher or halaal, please indicate so during your admission to the hospital.

Certain conditions or treatments may require that your doctor prescribes certain dietary items for you. This is normal and part of a treatment plan for your specific condition or recovery. In such cases, your doctor will indicate to us when you are allowed to order “normal” dietary items from the menu.


A television is provided in every room. Provision is made for earphones. If you do not have your own, you may request to purchase a set from reception.

We request that you please consider other patients when using a television or cell phone.


Patients are welcome to purchase data from the Hospital’s admissions desk which can be used whilst your are in hospital.  Please ask for assistance at the duty station of the relevant ward.