Our Vision

To provide superior patient centred care, whilst advancing toward world class clinical innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Maintain a caring and healing hospital culture
  • Sustain a tranquil environment that promotes holistic patient recovery
  • Invest in our human capital in order to grow, develop and retain key competencies
  • Utilise advanced technology to develop a leading edge in our core clinical disciplines and business processes.

Zuid- Afrikaans Hospital Management Team

Managing Director
Robert Jordaan

Nursing Service Manager
Matron Priscilla Botha

Financial Manager
Marna Castelyn

Human Resource Manager
Jacqueline van der Westhuizen

Pharmacy Manager
Johan Maritz

Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital was established as a 6-bed nursing facility in 1904. Today, the hospital boasts 181 hospital beds, more than 430 employees and world-class medical staff.

We are a private, independent and non-profit hospital with a commitment to provide superior patient centred care, whilst advancing towards world class clinical innovation.

Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital offers state-of-the-art equipment and theatres combined with excellent nursing care for which we are renowned.  Our top-class doctors provide expert care and are actively involved with their patients. Our unique healing environment includes outdoor gardens and verandas.  Patients benefit by being able to sit outside and rest in the beautiful surroundings.   

Biokinetic rehabilitation facilities are offered at the hospital.  Staff from therapeutic services such as physiotherapy and biokinetic provide guidance for prevention, rehabilitation, pre- and post-operative care. 

In cooperation with a private practice, the hospital also offers a 24-hour emergency service. 

Although the building façade of the hospital has changed, the service and very high standards that generations of families grew to know and trust can still be found at ZAH.  It remains a specialist hospital of choice for our patients and specialists that offers the highest level of patient-centred care.

The hospital has received the Discovery Top 20 Private Hospitals award for several consecutive years and we constantly strive to remain one of the top 20 hospitals of South Africa.


Board of directors