Nuclear Medicine

The Nuclear Medicine fascility at Zuid-Arikaans offers the following services: 



Whole Body Bone Scan and Spec
Limited Bone Scan with Spec
Limited Bone Scan with Flow and Spec
Bone – Foot with Flow
Bone – Hand with Flow
Ventilation & Perfusion (VQ)
Lung Perfusion Only (VQ)
Renogram – Nephron
Renogram – DTPA
Baseline Captopril Renogram
Captorpil Renogram
Kidney Scan – DMSA
Thyroid Technetium
Thyroid Iodine (Adult)
Thyroid Iodine (Child)
Gallbladder DISIDA
MUGA (Multiple Gated Acquisition)
MIBI – Resting

MIBI – Stress
Sentinel Node with Probe
White Cell Whole Body
Gallium Whole Body
Leukoscan Whole Body
Octreotide Whole Body
Tektrotide Whole Body
I – 131 Whole Body
I – 123 Whole Body
I – 123 MIBG Whole Body
Milk Scan
GIT Bleed
Brain – HMPAO
Brain – DAT Scan
Stomach Emptying
Tc-PSMA Prostate Cancer


Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital, Main Entrance

255 Bourke street,
Muckleneuk, Pretoria

Operating hours

Monday – Friday
08:00 – 16:00


Landline:  +27(0)12 343 0300 / (ZAH x234)