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  • This is by far the the best hospital I have visited with excellent service and the friendliest staff. Thanks for making the stay so pleasant.

    - Zelda Kleynhans Visagie

Specialised Units

Cardiovascular Unit, New and upgraded 24-Hour Emergency Unit, New and upgraded Intensive/High Care Unit and Excellent Paediatric Intensive/High Care Unit .

Cardiovascular Unit
An ultra-modern, state-of-the-art Cardiovascular Unit is the latest addition to the Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital. The unit has a catheterization laboratory (‘cath lab’) equipped with a Siemens Biplane flat panel detector C-Arm system that is used for cardiology, children’s cardiology, angiograms and vascular stent procedures. Two specialized cardio-thoracic and vascular theatres allow for any type of cardio-thoracic or vascular procedure. Adjacent to the cath lab and thoracic theatres is a dedicated Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which accommodates 9 beds for cardiology patients and 9 beds for surgical patients. Please click here for a list of specialists in this field at the Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital.

24-Hour Emergency Unit        
The 24-Hour Emergency Unit at the Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital is equipped to handle any type of medical emergency. Medical professionals, qualified in emergency medicine, are on hand 24 hours a day to handle emergencies, including chest pain and heart attacks. Facilities include a resuscitation room, in which immediate referral to and treatment by specialists takes place. . Click here for contact details.

Intensive/High Care Unit
The Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital boasts an impressive 22 ICU beds and 5 High Care beds. In addition to the 18 dedicated ICU beds situated next to the Cardiovascular Unit, the existing 9-bed Intensive/High Care Unit is equipped with the best and latest monitors, ventilators and equipment. It is a multi-disciplinary unit, able to handle any type of intensive care needed. On top of this, and in line with the Hospital’s vision of high-quality patient care, the patient-nurse ratio remains at 1:1 for all 22 ICU beds. Standards are kept extremely high and, in line with this, the Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital currently provides the opportunity for ICU nurses’ training in conjunction with the University of Pretoria, with in-house training and a clinical facilitator who checks standards on a full-time basis.

Daily 15:00 - 16:00 & 19:00 - 20:00
Only 2 visitors per bed. No children under 12.