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  • This is by far the the best hospital I have visited with excellent service and the friendliest staff. Thanks for making the stay so pleasant.

    - Zelda Kleynhans Visagie

General Wards

Upgraded General Wards andExcellent Children's Ward.

Upgraded General Wards
There are 3 adult general wards at the Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital. They are situated in the original and historical building. All wards have lovely views and access to the immaculately kept gardens. Rooms in Ward A and Ward B also have access to a lovely shady veranda, whereas Ward C has access to a tranquil inner-square garden with garden furniture and birdsong. Although the wards were recently upgraded, care was taken to retain the historical character of the building. The nursing staff is of world-class standard and care workers are available to make the patient’s stay as comfortable as possible. There is a prayer room situated between Wards A and B. Spacious and attractive private rooms are available in all the wards.

Our in-house Food Services Department, managed by a qualified dietician, prepares hot, home-cooked meals. Meals are planned and prepared individually for patients who require a special diet while in hospital, whereas other patients are offered a choice of meals for the day.

Excellent Children's Ward
Children are precious and having a child in hospital van be a very difficult time for any parent.  We are confident that our Children’s Ward staff are excellent and know very well how to nurse sick children.  There are 9 beds of which 1 room is a sleep-in-mother-and-child room.  Parents van order meals from the Food Services Department for themselves at a minimal cost.  Children receive meals specially planned and prepared by the in-house Food Services Department for the diet prescribed by their doctors while in hospital.  A security door prevents anyone from entering the Children’s Ward without permission from the nursing staff.

Parents 08:00 – 20:00
Family 11:00 – 13:00 16:00 – 18:00
No children under 12