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  • What an amazing hospital. The staff is friendly, helpful and efficient. All hospitals can take a leave out of your book. We had a great experience aal over from reception, childrens ward to theatre staff. Thank you for exceptional service delivered!

    - Tania Shedden

About The Hospital

In 1904, the hospital started out as a 6-bed nursing facility in the home of General CF Beyers in Sunnyside.

Since 1918 the hospital has been an Incorporated Association, not for gain, registered under Section 21 of the Companies Act, No. 61 of 1973.

Being the oldest private hospital in Gauteng – it celebrated its centenary in 2004 – the Zuid Afrikaans Hospital has a most remarkable and interesting history.

A Board of Directors, who receive no remuneration for their services, manages the hospital. A management team manages the day-to-day running of the hospital. The hospital has 134 beds.

There is an excellent support structure, consisting of dedicated medical specialists in various disciplines who are available to diagnose and treat patients in the most professional and caring way. Qualified, dedicated and sympathetic nursing staff are on duty day and night to care for the ill until they are physically and mentally well enough to be discharged.

A new wing to the hospital was completed and opened in September 2004. This wing adds a brand new entrance, a pharmacy, an Emergency Unit, a Cardiovascular Unit, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), a catheterization laboratory, a coffee bar and more consulting rooms.

The Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital is dedicated to providing only the best in services, facilities and care to patients.