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Always there for you Always there for you
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  • A colleague and I went to the Zuid Afrikaans Hospital yesterday to visit a patient in the High Care Unit. What a surprise! It was the first time in 40 years that I visited a hospital which made such a positive impression. Please give me a chance to commend Zuid Afrikaans Hospital on the following:
    friendly security, friendly and helpful personnel at reception, absolutely friendly staff in the High Care Unit, helpful personnel in the hallways who gave us directions, a perfectly clean and neat Hospital, I am highly impressed with the lovely patios which gleam, beautiful flowerbeds and lawn and the general atmosphere which makes one feel at home.



    - Menitza Botes

Information for Patients

The Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital charges private and medical aid patients according to tariffs negotiated with the various medical aids.

The Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital charges private and medical aid patients according to tariffs negotiated with the various medical aids. If private patients pay by cash or cheque, a 5% discount is given on accommodation and theatre charges. Should you require any further information, please contact us.

Before Arrival 
Contact your medical aid and ask: 
- for pre-authorization regarding your hospitalization and an authorization number
- whether a motivational letter is required from your doctor
- which costs will be covered
- what the maximum benefits are
- about exclusions that might be applicable
- whether you need to make a co-payment to the hospital on admission.

Ensure that you bring the following with you:
- Medical aid authorization number
- Cash/cheque/credit card for payment of levy/co-payment to the Hospital, if required by your medical aid
- Identity document
- Medical aid card|
- X-rays, if applicable
- Private patients: If you do not belong to a medical aid, you will need to pay a deposit. 
- This can be paid by cash, cheque or credit card
- Embassy staff: A letter from the embassy with a guarantee of payment
- SANDF staff: A letter of authorization
- Injury on duty: You will need:
    > Accident report
    > WCL2 form
    > Claim number.

Leave any valuable articles at home, for example jewellery, money or firearms. 
The hospital does not take responsibility for the safekeeping of these articles.

Complete the[ Hospital Admission Form] at home to speed up your admission time. 
Fax the Admission Form to 012 343 4592 to speed up the admission process even more.

Complete the Anaesthesia Form at home to speed up your admission time. 
This form is available from the Reception Desk.

On Admission     
- Please report at Reception.
- Complete the Admission Form and Anaesthesia Form if you haven’t done so already.
- Hand these forms (if you haven’t done so already) to Reception, together with:
    > A valid identity document or driver’s licence
    > Your medical aid card
    > Your medical aid authorization number
    > Any letters of authorization
    > Any required forms, reports or claim numbers.
- The information will be processed and you will be asked to report to the applicable ward.
- If a Pre-Admission has already been done, you need only sign a printout of your details.

During your stay      
- Smoking is not permitted inside the hospital building. Please smoke only in the designated smoking areas.
- When using a cell phone, please take care not to disturb other patients. No cell phones are allowed in the ICU.

On Discharge      
- Remember to take your X-rays and medication home with you.
- Private patients must settle their accounts on discharge.