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  • Dear Management: I have a great fear of Anaesthesia and operations in general. I was, however, surprised by the professional way I was treated by everyone at your hospital. If I ever need another operation, I will demand to have it done at the Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital. You can be proud of your staff, doctors and anaesthetists. Well done!

    - Mr. T. Stoffberg

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The oldest private hospital in Gauteng

22 Nov 2011

The Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital was established in 1904 during the Anglo-Boer war.  The Boers were finding it difficult to be admitted to the Victoria Cottage Hospital in Pretoria, which was a strictly British military hospital.  They needed their own hospital in their own language.  The Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital started out as a 6-bed nursing facility in the home of General C.F. Beyers in Sunnyside. The name of the hospital was “Het Hollands Hospetaaltje”, mainly because of the funding being received from Holland.  An interest-free loan resulted in the hospital being moved to a site on the corner of Berg and Walker streets in 1912.  The name changed to “Het Zuid-Afrikaans Hospitaal en Diakonessenhuis” to indicate a nursing facility where Afrikaans would be spoken and to indicate the Christian nature of the institution.  Today ZAH welcomes any language, race and religion.

In 1936, the hospital management secured a loan to buy 34 stands in Mucleneuk from the Mayor of Pretoria, Edmond Francis Bourke.  The cost of building the hospital was funded by Dr. C.J.K. van Aalst from Holland, the poet Jan Celliers and many more well-known donors.  In 1936 the doors opened on the site where it stands today, as a facility with a 32-bed capacity, an operating theatre and x-ray facilities.

Being the oldest private hospital in Gauteng, ZAH is a uniquely historical landmark where old-fashioned values meet ultra-modern facilities, equipment and services.  Patients can heal in a beautiful serene and safe environment. The timeless verandah allows patients to relax and rejuvenate with a view of the lush gardens.

Today, the hospital consists of 167 beds, with a cardiovascular ward, theatre and ICU, orthopedic ward, general ward, children’s ward and ICU, Cath Lab, 24-hour Emergency Trauma unit, pharmacy and coffee shop.  The hospital has 17 children’s beds, 27 ICU beds, 3 Pediatrics ICU beds and 87 adult beds, of which 33 are private rooms with access and views of the garden. There are 37 consulting rooms, currently fully occupied by specialists.

ZAH is always up to date with the latest technology.  The general theatre was expanded and upgraded to accommodate the growing technology of orthopedic surgery and other general surgeries. The theatres are bigger, the facilities are modern and of a very high standard.

ZAH proudly announces that in March 2011 Dr. Charl Olivier became the first surgeon in Africa to use VERILAST technology for his younger, more active, knee replacement patients, providing them with a longer lasting knee implant.  Unlike other knee implants, VERILAST Technology is made from a proprietary metal alloy called OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium and a highly cross-linked polyethylene, a combination of remarkable materials that were tested to simulate 30 years of wear performance, more than twice the length of testing of knee replacements made from traditional materials.  It is hypoallergenic, as the OXINIUM contains virtually no nickel or chromium. Knee replacement surgery is intended to relieve pain and improve the knee function. VERILAST eliminates the risk of failure due to wear of plastic and gives a longer lasting knee implant.

Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital is caring, efficient, empathetic, safe and cost-effective and wants to continue its quest for excellence in nursing and patient care.  ZAH recognizes that excellence is a journey, never quite finished.  That is why ZAH will continue to support and empower the nursing staff to the best of it’s ability.  “Trust us to provide the care you want”, the slogan of ZAH, not words just spoken, but meant.

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