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  • Dear Management: I have a great fear of Anaesthesia and operations in general. I was, however, surprised by the professional way I was treated by everyone at your hospital. If I ever need another operation, I will demand to have it done at the Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital. You can be proud of your staff, doctors and anaesthetists. Well done!

    - Mr. T. Stoffberg

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Project Rachael

14 Jan 2011

Rachael’s face was burnt when a candle fell over and set fire to her blanket, while she was sleeping in their hut in Northern Uganda.  Her twin sister didn’t survive the incident.  She lost her nose, eyelids and upper lip.  Rachael arrived in South Africa on 10 August 2010 together with her mother, Rose, and Dr. Kalanzi, the only plastic surgeon in Uganda. 

Dr. Franz Birkholtz and his team started the first phase of reconstruction on 15 August 2010 at ZAH.  Reconstruction was done on her eyelids, upper lip and the skin over her nose area.  Her nose cartilage will be reconstructed in the second phase surgery.  Through this project, Dr. Edis Kalanzi was trained in micro surgical techniques to enable him to treat similar cases in future in Uganda.  While he was here, he also attended a microvascular surgery course at the University and assisted Dr. Birkholtz in surgery for two weeks.

While Rachael was recovering in our PICU and Children’s Ward, she celebrated her first birthday.  The nurses and the people from the RE-Foundation made her day so special with gifts and a cake. 

At the HASA Awards Evening, ZAH received second place award for Project Rachael.

Dr. Kalanzi followed Rachael up after surgery in November and reported that she was doing well.  All her facial wounds have healed and she now has an upper lip, eyelids and skin covering her nose area.  She contracted malaria in Northern Uganda in November, but she thankfully recovered and is currently healthy and in good condition.            

 -  www.re-foundation.org

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