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Specialist Physician

  • Dr. Gideon Naudé


    Telephone number: 012 343 1633 (ZAH ext x 327)
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  • Prof. James Ker

    In Practice Since (year) 2001

    MBChB , University of Pretoria, 1996, cum laude
    MMED (INT), University of Pretoria, 2001, cum laude
    MRCP (Edin) Edinburgh, 2004
    PhD (cardiol)
    FESC (Fellow European Society of Cardiology)
    FACC (Fellow American College of Cardiology)

    Practice number: 0180000105120

    Internal Medicine


    Royal College of Physicians
    European Society of Cardiology
    American College of Cardiology
    American Society of Angiology
    South African Heart Association
    South African Academy for Arts and Science


    Carotid IMT Measurement
    Effort ECG
    Resting ECG
    Lung function.

    Office hours: 08h00-16h00 l Wednesdays: University of Pretoria
    Telephone number: 012-343-0078
    Other contact info:

    Emergency Number: 012-333-6000

    Physical address:

    Zuid-Afrikaans Hospitaal, Clinic 3, Suite G6, 255 Bourke Street, Muckleneuk, Pretoria 

    Postal address:

    PO Box 24318, Gezina, 0031

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  • Dr. Janie (E.C.) van den Berg

    In Practice Since (year) 1984

    MBChB, MMed (Int)

    Practice number: 1807285

    Specialist Physician (Field of Interest: Diabetes of Endocrinology)

    Other info:

    The metabolic syndrome with its subcomponents i.e. hypertension, dyslipaedemia, obesity etc is also treated here. A diabetes educator is available on site, but a separate appointment needs to be made.

    Office hours: Mon, Tue, Thurs: 08h00-17h00 l Wed: 08h00-13h00 l Fri: 08h00-15h00
    Telephone number: 012 344-3532/8 (ZAH ext 254)
    Fax number: 012 344-4945
    Physical address:

    Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital, Clinic 2, Room 13

    Postal address:

    PO Box 207, Groenkloof, 0027

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  • Dr. Johannes Kok

    In Practice Since (year) 1992
    Mmed (IntMed) U.P.
    Practice number: 1806750

    Risk factor management-cardiovascular disease.


    Exercise ECG, Echo cardiography, ICU procedures – ventilation, dialysis.

    Office hours: 08h00 – 14h00
    Telephone number: 012-344-0746 (ZAH ext 276 )
    Fax number: 012-344-0756
    Physical address:

    Clinic 4, Suite 9

    Postal address:

    P.O. Box 547, Groenkloof, 0027

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  • Dr. Mollie van Zyl

    In Practice Since (year) 2000

    B Cur. B.A. Hons (Sielk) B.Pharm MBChb (Pret) FCP (SA)

    Practice number: 0180000000078

    General Physician


    General physician with special interest in ICU, preventative and rehabilitation of dismetabolic syndrome, respiratory care and diabetes.

    Other info:

    Work in close association with physiotherapists for cardio-respiratory rehabilitation of patients.

    Office hours: 08h00 – 17h00
    Telephone number: 012 343-9232 (ZAH ext 312)
    Fax number: 012 343-9233
    Other contact info:

    Emergency Number: 012 333-6000

    Physical address:

    Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital, Clinic 1, Room 7 

    Postal address:

    P.O. Box 2461, Brooklyn Square, 0075

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  • Dr. Reynhardt van Rooyen

    In Practice Since (year) 1992
    Practice number: 1806025

    Prevention of cardiovascular disease/ ICU.


    ICU procedures, Stress ECG’s, Sonars

    Telephone number: 012-344-0746 (ZAH ext 276)
    Fax number: 012-344-075 / 6
    Physical address:

    Clinic 4. Suite 9

    Postal address:

    P.O. Box 162, Groenkloof

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