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Always there for you Always there for you

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  • Dear Management: I have a great fear of Anaesthesia and operations in general. I was, however, surprised by the professional way I was treated by everyone at your hospital. If I ever need another operation, I will demand to have it done at the Zuid-Afrikaans Hospital. You can be proud of your staff, doctors and anaesthetists. Well done!

    - Mr. T. Stoffberg

The Pretoria Sleep Centre

The Pretoria Sleep Centre provides a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment service for patients with all types of sleep disorders and patients with neurological disorders.

Our specialists are fully accredited with the HPCSA and have a track record of clinical and research involvement in Sleep and associated Medical Disorders.

We provide a thorough assessment by specialist physicians and provide diagnostic testing for the full range of sleep disorders including overnight Polysomnography (PSG) and screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, multiple sleep latency testing for Narcolepsy.

We have established a National and International reputation for clinical and research excellence.

The Pretoria Sleep Centre is located at Zuid Afrikaans Hospital (ZAH).

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